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5.3 Child Protection Plans - Assistant Team Manager Role and Responsibilities


This chapter was updated in August 2016, current departmental job titles and areas of responsibility.

The Assistant Team Manager has a vital role in managing the progress of the case and supporting the Lead Social Worker.

The Assistant Team Manager should:

  • Read and approve all assessments, reports to the conference, plans and decisions on the child’s file, including the case notes of visits;
  • Chair the first Core Group and others where thought to be appropriate, such as in cases involving professional disagreement (or escalation under the LSCB Escalation Policy) for instance;
  • Discuss the progress of the Child Protection Plan and any concerns in supervision, including ensuring that there has been adequate direct contact with the child/ren;
  • Record management decisions in supervision in the child’s record to note agreed actions or decisions and approve the record;
  • Agree conference reports and the child protection plan;
  • Review the plan with the lead social worker when unexpected developments or crises occur and together make a decision whether to recommend that a review child protection conference date be brought forward;
  • Attend all child protection conferences wherever possible;
  • Arrange cover for the lead social worker in case of sickness and ensure arrangements are in place when the lead social worker is on annual leave and training, including the checking, and any necessary action resulting from, post, e-mails and telephone contacts.