Access to Records / Subject Access Requests

This chapter was reviewed in August 2016 with no changes made.

The 'Access to a Personal Files Act' was repealed to take in to account the new Data Protection legislation in 1998. This process is now known as a 'Data Protection - Subject Access Request'.

If anyone should request access to their personal information:

  • Please open the Council's 'Subject Access Application Pack' (see Subject Access Requests - Information Application Pack);
  • Follow the Instructions on the top sheet of the Subject Access Pack and return this part to the Data Protection Officer (as detailed);
  • Send the rest to the application pack to the applicant (please date the letter).

Further information can be found on the Intranet regarding the Data Protection 'Code of Practice Subject Access Requests'.

If you have any queries at all, please contact Sally Jansen, Data Protection and Freedom of Information Coordinator (Adult Social Care/Children & Families) on Ext. 6824 or Anna Marzec, Data Protection Officer on Ext. 3404.