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Managing Social Care Case Files


This chapter was updated in August 2016 with additional information on the electronic document storage system.

This chapter is currently under review.

1. Electronic File

The main case management file is held on the electronic database (ICS Capita One) within Children and Families:

  • Keep a separate file for every child/young person who is referred to Children and Families;
  • Files are held in the name of the child not the adults in the family, including unborn babies;
  • Files for unborn babies are recorded as "Unborn baby" followed by the mother's family name;
  • In the case of foster carers, adopters and private foster-carers, separate files are held in their names with access only to the Family Placement Team;
  • For people deemed 'a risk to children', request that Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Team set up a Person Posing a Risk exemplar for that person. This should include the setting up of an 'alert' and a 'hazard'.

It is imperative that all documents of the child record must be saved in the correct way, for further guidance, please consult:

2. Social Care Paper File Format

Open a paper file to store any written information received:

  • Copies of letters received and sent out;
  • Do not store hard copies of assessments, plans etc. that are recorded on ICS Capita One;
  • Each paper file contains essential modules as laid out in the File format protocol.

3. Paper File Format Protocol

Click here to view Paper File Format Protocol

Trix procedures

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