Interpreter and Translation Procedure


This chapter was fully reviewed in December 2022 and is next scheduled for review in December 2024.

1. Introduction

This procedure explains how interpreting or translation services are approved and arranged within the Children, Families and Community Health Services. It needs to be recognised that there may be a need to provide these services in order to ensure a dialogue with children and their families who do not speak English to appropriately assess the needs of and the safeguarding of children. However, it is not automatic that an interpreter should be provided in every situation. It may be that a telephone interpreter could be provided to ensure the dialogue with the children / parent.

Family members / friends / children should never be used as interpreters / translators.

2. Process for Booking Interpreters and Translation Services

2.1 Interpreting and Translation services are provided to SBC by Prestige Network, and subject to the necessary authorisation by the relevant manager, can be booked by the member of staff direct.
2.2 All requests for translation or interpreters should be fully discussed and approved by a Team Manager or equivalent. Telephone interpreters should be considered prior to any request for a direct meeting. A face-to-face meeting will only be approved if a telephone interpreter is not appropriate.
2.3 All bookings require the Team Manager's authorisation, the team email address and an authorisation code provided by the Team Manager before they can be processed.
2.4 The process for booking varies depending on whether it is interpreting or translation that is required, and how much notice is given. Some bookings are made through a secure portal and others by telephone. Staff should ensure that the correct process is used and that as much notice as possible is given.
2.5 Managers should track all requests for interpretation or translations costs to ensure that the service was delivered and costed appropriately and in a timely manner.

All staff should be aware that if an appointment is cancelled close to the arranged time/date, there may be charges incurred. These could be up to full cost. As a result, as much notice as possible of cancellation should be given.

3. Documentation and Further Information

Full details of the booking processes, along with additional guidance, are available on the Translation and Interpreting pages of the Swintranet.