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Swindon Children, Families and Community Health Procedure Manual

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Welcome to the latest on-line version of Swindon Children, Families and Community Health Procedure Manual. This manual is updated regularly to ensure it contains the latest up-to-date guidance and relevant procedures for practitioners in Swindon.

In Swindon…

What is the Swindon Practice Framework or “single practice approach”?

At the heart of our Practice Framework is a relentless focus on children and achieving better outcomes. The key vehicle is a single way of working where we invest in developing better relationships with the children and families we offer services to.

Core Practice Values and Guiding Principles

  1. To safeguard and promote the wellbeing of children and young people;
  2. To build trusting relationships with children and families that encourages independence and conversations about what matters to them, including them setting their own outcomes;
  3. To support children to remain within their family wherever possible;
  4. To work openly with children and their families to bring about change, in solution-focused ways, building on their strengths and resources, to help parents and carers to be able to provide “good” parenting;
  5. To deliver purposeful assessments and care plans that includes direct work with children and families (evidence informed practice, linked to “what works”);
  6. To treat families with respect and honesty and keep them informed throughout any social work involvement.

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